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How to install soap dispenser ?

We can provide different cartridges soap dispenser installation ways. 

Smarlean Soap Dispenser cartridges

There have 3 kinds of cartridges you can choose: refillable bottle,disposable bottle or bag.

How to choose a soap dispenser

Owning a soap dispenser for shower is extremely convenient. There are lots of hotels that actually will make use of a soap dispenser in the shower for convenientaccess to soaps and shampoos. Even though there are many hotels that come with complimentary soaps, lotions, and shampoos in individual bottles, a soap dispenser just might make it so that hotels don’t always have to replace those bottles, and it is a simple and easy way for customers to access the toiletries. Picking the right soap dispenser could make all the difference in a hotel shower, or even a shower at home. One of the most effective things that you can do is to look into your different options and pick the one that will suit your needs as close as possible.There are many soap dispensers that function with a lever. This lever generally sticks down under the soap dispenser just behind the section where the soap (or shampoo or other liquid) is dispensed. The user simply has to push or pull on the lever and the liquid in the dispenser could come out in a specified amount. This is basically a manually operated dispenser. You can often buy them in varieties that offer only one type of liquid to be dispensed, or you'll be able to find ones that have various dispensers. The sizes also may vary, so you might think about how much soap or shampoo is used in your household or business every day, every week, and every month. This will help you to come to a decision regarding what size would probably be best fitting for your needs.Automatic soap dispensers for the shower are an excellent thing if you don’t want to take the trouble even with a lever. Automatic dispensers allow the soap or shampoo out when it senses that your hands are under. There’s no need to pull or push on anything, you just need to make sure your hand is in the right spot to trigger it. These may take some batteries or a certain amount of maintenance. If it is to for use in the shower, you also want to see to it that it is safe to use.

How to maintain the soap dispenser

1. Keep the dispenser away from the sunshine.2. Change the pump regularly.

What's main material of your dispenser?

All Smarlean dispenser made of 100% virgin engineer plastic, front cover can pass 3000 drop test.

Does your pump can interchangeable or need another dispenser?

Yes, Smarlean dispenser has unique design,  pumps are interchangeable in one universal dispenser,  more choice for customer and save cost for customers.

how about the battery life of your dispenser

Smarlean dispenser is power saving design, battery life is 80,000-120,000 cycles, can work 2-3 years.

Does your soap dispenser meet ADA compliance?

Yes, Smarlean soap dispenser comply with  ADA compliance:depth

Dose your dispenser only work for 1 pump?

No, Smarlean dispenser has unique design, 3 IN 1, different pumps (foam, liquid, spray) can work for 1 dispenser and exchangeable freely.

Do you have spray dispenser?

Yes, Smarlean provides Manual spray dispenser and automatic spray dispenser, which with perfect mist.

Do you have dispenser that end user can adjust dose?

Yes, Smarlean's Manual dispenser, iSoap, wSoap, tSoap are adjustable dose, it is patent design.

Do you offer big dose dispenser?

Yes, Smarleanprovides big dose dispenser, the biggest doseis around 3ml.

Do you have top delivery soap dispenser?

Yes,Smarlean wSoap and tSoap are top delivery soapdispenser, which you no worry soap leak.

What means for ADA compliant?

ADA full name is TheAmerican Disabilities Act (ADA) was signed into law in 1990 and requiresfacilities to make accommodations for disabled people.To dispenser, there is 2 requirements:1. Dispenser Depth2. Push force: Smarlean's manual soap dispensers and automatic soap dispensers are comply with the ADAcompliance.