Why he is a hero?

Time: 2017-08-26

Because he gives hope to hundreds of families, to the new generation who is eager to go out of mountainous to have a different life, which is different from their families that have lived in the same village generations.

He donates fund for hometown university entrants every year….

From remote mountainous area in south China, Smarlean president Huoxian Xie understands how hard a family is to support a university student, every summer the freshmen time, he organizes other entrepreneurs, go back to hometown, donates fund for the family in need. As a successful entrepreneur, Mr.Xie leads Shenzhen Smarlean Hygiene Co., Ltd to sell products (soap dispensers) all over the world, as the president of the Lianping Chamber of Commerce, Mr.Xie often takes an active part in different activities, especially in charities.

We are proud of him. 

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